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Why Buy From Us

1 Family

Our animals are born and raised on our farm, and our family is dedicated to providing them with a stress-free and happy life. For our animals to stay healthy, we must provide natural, biodynamic soils that create nutritious grasses. We are a grass-finished farm because animals are designed to forage and be completely sustained on a green pasture diet. By grazing, our animals keep the soil fertile returning native minerals and nutrients to the earth. Our commitment and dedication is second to none. We live our lives to fulfill the task that God has put us in charge of.

2 Organic

What does it mean to be truly organic? For us, it means that our animals have lived their entire life on the farm that they were born in, they’ve been trailing organic pastures that haven’t been treated with any sort of chemicals for over 5 years, and raised in family units the way God intended them to be raised. We can verify the history of the meats you’re eating and nourishing your body with and we follow mother nature's system of raising our animals.

3 Pasture Raised & Finished

Science has shown that pasture raised and finished meat is higher in four elements essential to a healthy human diet: it is lower in fat, calories, higher in Omega-3 fatty acids (the good fats), high in vitamin E and conjugated linoleic acid (fatty acid that reduces cardiovascular disease, fight carcinogens, and have anti-cancerous properties). Many animals are not designed to eat grain, which is usually force-fed to animals raised in feedlots for a mass produced food system. We are constantly working on improving our soil and our farm so that we can provide organic quality meat.


Fernando and Margarita raise top quality grass fed meats. We love everything we regularly purchased, and the turkey at Thanksgiving did not disappoint. They not only love their animals, but their customers too. It is not only nice knowing my farmer, but also feeling like we are family. If you haven't given them a try, you are missing out.
Jessica Martie (Arabi, GA)
Top quality grass raised meats. Our buying club members LOVE all that Marview offers!
Andrew Danner (GA)

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